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  1. You must work hard in secret to appear relaxed and happy in front of others.


  2. When the whole world wants me to give up, I still expect someone to whisper, "try again.".


  3. The meaning of vitality lies in fighting, because the world itself is an arena, which is broken by the reef countless times and jumped on the reef countless times. The shade of life will grow and flourish.


  4. Our world will never give a medal to a sad laggard.


  5. Children without umbrellas must learn to run hard.


  6. Don't have any illusions, don't give up a chance, don't stop working hard all day.


  7. Exchange one apple for another, and you still get one apple. Exchange one piece of information for one piece of information, and you get two pieces of information. The network has the principle of multiplication, and the two sides of information exchange get multiple benefits.


  8. There are obstacles in the front, try to rush it away, use the hot passion, turn the expectation in your heart, the blood is surging, what is suffering and sweating.


  9. As we grow older, we become neither better nor worse, but more like ourselves.


  10. My night starts with you saying good night, even if you see the moon before that.


  11. Because of struggle, we become stronger. Because of struggle, we learn to fight.


  12. Life has a long way to go. No one knows what will happen next minute, so go all out to find your fun, your life and move forward fearlessly.


  13. With hope, into the dawn, into the warmth. The brilliance of life is in constant transformation, growth and expectation. Life is an indomitable and tenacious journey. Each section has wonderful gags and unforgettable memories.


  14. Joy doesn't come from what you do. It flows from the depths of your heart into what you do, and then into the world.


  15. The so-called success is to make extraordinary persistence in the ordinary.


  16. Only confident people can have confidence everywhere, immerse themselves in life and realize their will. Gorky.


  17. The structure of "people" is mutual support, and the cause of "people" needs everyone's participation.


  18. Vulnerable people only know how to pity themselves, but do not know how to reflect on themselves.


  19. Brave face may not succeed, but you will not succeed if you don't face it.


  20. A mature man holds the key to his own happiness. He does not expect others to make him happy, but can bring happiness to others.


  21. What value is given to things, people have what kind of action.


  22. The most important thing is not to look at the vague in the distance, but to do what is clear at hand.


  23. Nothing in the world is impossible, only you want it or not.


  24. The rainbow after the rain is more beautiful and the suffering life is more brilliant.


  25. Temper your will hard and cultivate talents in adversity.


  26. Colorful clouds floating in the air are naturally elated, but they can only exchange a few compliments at most; Only when it turns into sweet rain and takes root in fertile soil can it create fragrance for the world.


  27. Don't always ask others to give me anything. Think about what I can do for others.


  28. We are great because of our dreams. All winners are great dreamers: by the fire on a winter night and in the rain and fog on a cloudy day, we dream of the future. Some people let their dreams die quietly, while others carefully cultivate and maintain them until they get through the difficulties safely and usher in light and hope, which always comes to those who sincerely believe that their dreams will come true.


  29. Optimistic people can make a comeback, while pessimistic people often fail because of lack of self-confidence.


  30. The most terrible thing in the world is to take your own time to witness other people's dreams come true; The saddest thing is that you never dare to try and laugh at others.


  31. The road ahead is full of thorns. I hesitated, but I never retreated.


  32. Don't let too much yesterday occupy your today.


  33. To live, you must always be ready to bear hardships. Lu Yao.


  34. No matter how big the storm is, it can't blow to your heart. If you don't forgive all beings, you will suffer yourself. What stops you from moving forward is not a hundred stones on the road of life, but the stone in your shoes.


  35. The so-called suffering is not easy to give up and change. It is to hold a dignified share in joy and leave more hope in sorrow; It is responsible for life and cautious about every day that belongs to you.


  36. A man who sighs at the ocean will never reach the other side of success.


  37. Don't destroy the name of everyone in order to become one's own good; Don't abandon the principles of the world to protect your own wrongs.


  38. The ability to do things can be seen from the behavior; Words can be used to observe moral cultivation.


  39. Either try to pursue your dreams or be the mud on the soles of others' feet.


  40. Exchange your own efforts for success, and then success will be like a big slap on the faces of those who once despised you. It will be as loud and cool as possible.


  41. Let go of the Internet cafe to your beautiful hope and pursuit. 999 times have failed, and there are still a thousand times.


  42. The cause of a hero must contain difficulties and dangers. If there are no difficulties and dangers, he will not become a hero.


  43. Facing the light, don't worry and don't panic.


  44. No matter how the world treats you, please work hard as always, be brave and full of hope.


  45. If you are really willing to work hard, the worst result of your life is just late success.


  46. Never give up. There is no failure in the world, only give up.


  47. A person's temperament always flows out of his speech and behavior. Elegance is not dressed up, but the condensation of experience; Indifference is not disguised, but the precipitation of life. You can't decide your appearance, but you can improve your thought, knowledge and bearing. Time will make you old, and it can also make a beautiful soul inspire people more and more. May the years carve out a better you.


  48. In fact, many times, all we need is a ray of morning sunshine, a thoughtful greeting, a good morning, and you who love me.


  49. Ask for directions so that you won't get lost, and leave a way back so that there won't be a dead end. Loss is not necessarily failure, and success is not necessarily achievement. You can escape reality, but you can't escape life.


  50. All the pain will become the strength that makes you strong with the precipitation of time.

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