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  1. Believe in yourself, if you can bind yourself, you can break the cocoon and become a butterfly.


  2. No matter how good the experience is, it will become the past. No matter how deep the sorrow is, it will fall on yesterday, just as time goes by mercilessly. Life is like a healing process. We get hurt, heal, get hurt again, heal again. Every healing seems to be to meet the next injury. Maybe you have to despair thoroughly once before you can live again.


  3. The best gift we give to youth is struggle.


  4. If anyone plays with life, he will accomplish nothing; Who doesn't control himself will always be a slave.


  5. The quickest and surest way to conquer fear and build confidence is to do what you fear until you get a successful experience.


  6. Giving people money is the worst policy, giving people ability is the best policy, and giving people ideas is the best policy. Wealth cannot buy good ideas. Good ideas can buy hundreds of millions of wealth. The biggest market in the world is in people's mind.


  7. You understand when others don't understand, you act when others understand, you succeed when others act, and you become rich when others succeed. This is: extraordinary thinking, foresight.


  8. Friends are roads and homes are trees. Don't get lost, lean against the tree.


  9. Optimists see opportunities in disasters; A pessimist sees disaster in opportunity.


  10. If it is beautiful, it is called wonderful. If it's bad, it's called experience.


  11. In this impetuous society, it's better to pretend to be stupid than to be smart.


  12. In real life, every great undertaking starts with faith and takes the first step from faith.


  13. I have been running on the field of hope, although I occasionally stumbled over disappointment.


  14. As long as you walk steadily, you will always walk out of a piece of sky that belongs to you.


  15. Never overestimate their weight in the hearts of others, learn to stop losses in time, don't hope, don't expect, don't expect, don't expect others, tell yourself to be strong! I dare to fight because of despair.


  16. People, there are too few things that can really persist for a lifetime. There are thousands of roads in the world, and there is only one we can choose. You can't walk on two roads at the same time. Just choose the right one for yourself. Others don't always walk flat, and you won't walk twists and turns forever.


  17. You can choose such "two minds": confidence, perseverance and determination; Creative and willing.


  18. The path of thinking is lonely. Those who are determined to explore the path must first endure loneliness. All your doubts and expectations about life arise when loneliness collapses. Loneliness is a huge thinking space. In this space, you are talking to yourself. Only when you really defeat yourself is the greatest moment.


  19. When you feel depressed and low energy, others will feel that you can't entrust it to an insecure person.


  20. There is always an unusual story behind successful people.


  21. Nothing is more extraordinary than letting nature take its course. Nothing is more charming than obedience to nature.


  22. There are so many things to do. They are like sesame seeds scattered all over the ground. You can't finish picking them up. Fortunately, God is kind. He promised you now. Honey, do you know what to do? That is, don't wait, from now on, finish one by one.


  23. Only the strong can understand struggle; The weak are not qualified even to fail, but are born to be conquered.


  24. Ask not what others have done for you, but what you have done for others.


  25. Those who really try to help others can help themselves.


  26. The world will make way for those who have goals and vision.


  27. If we want more roses, we must plant more rose trees.


  28. The prosperity is 3000, and being bearish is floating clouds; Worry countless, want to open is sunny.


  29. Learning is to have the perseverance to sit on the "cold bench". Only those who are not afraid of hardship and have the courage to work hard can make a breakthrough in learning. When we have a clear goal in mind, with unyielding fighting spirit and unremitting efforts, nothing can defeat us, and we will reach the other side of the ideal.


  30. Don't assume that there is no scenery in front of you because of a mist.


  31. People who let the full stop of life surround them can't move forward. As long as you can harvest sweetness, there will also be busy bees in the thorns. Enterprising with sweat, the army is singing the song of struggle and hope.


  32. Hardship is a face, frustration is experience, effort is a bridge, and success is the other side.


  33. The outlook on life determines a person's pursuit of life; The world outlook determines a person's ideological realm; Values determine a person's code of conduct.


  34. Everyone's life is a boat, and dream is the sail of the boat.


  35. Life is not easy. You don't have to yearn for the understanding and recognition of others and live your own life quietly. If the heart doesn't move, what can the wind do. If you don't hurt, the years will be fine. Four natures in life: to come is accidental, to go is inevitable, of course, let it be.


  36. What is life? Life is an endless struggle! Only when you choose your goal and feel that your efforts are not wasted in your struggle, can you live a full life and your spirit will always be young! Lu Yao.


  37. In life, it is difficult to think, to see and to give up. Many things, not want to put down, want to give up can give up. There are always some things in life that you know are wrong, but you always insist. You know it is bad, but you always guard it.


  38. An elegant person can be seen from his back; Those who strive will know by the sound of footsteps; A kind person knows by smiling; Excellent people, you know.


  39. Empty talk is used to decorate yourself, and practical work is used to create performance.


  40. Although the firefly's light spot is weak, when it is on, it challenges the darkness.


  41. What you see and hear changes your life and unknowingly ends your life.


  42. When making any decision, it's best not to wrong yourself or embarrass others.


  43. The loose strings will never play the strong voice of the times.


  44. Who regards comfort as a happy flower, then when the fruit season comes, he can only look at the empty branch and sigh.


  45. We can't control opportunities, but we can control ourselves.


  46. Go out and have a look. It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books; It's better to read countless people than to travel thousands of miles. There are many difficulties in life. In the face of difficulties, the wise choose the method, the brave choose to face it, the lazy choose to shrink back, and the fool choose to hesitate; There is no absolute difficulty in the world, only the right way.


  47. The biggest driving force of effort is that you can choose the life you want, rather than being chosen by life.


  48. We all have our own desert. We are both gold and gold diggers; We are both seeds and Sowers. Many times, we can't become shining gold, but we can become seeds of hope.


  49. Do the right thing and then do it right.


  50. When you make me dark, I strengthen myself and move forward in the dark.

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